How we organized Karen’s wedding transportation: her story


I am Karen and I wanted to share our experience with Classic Touch Limousines.

My fiance and I finally started with wedding planning and among all, there was transportation to be selected. We weren’t sure what kind of transportation we wanted…is it going to be an old-timer, classic limousine or something else. Luckily our wedding planner recommended this company and connected us with their wedding transportation coordinator. We clicked immediately and you could tell that these guys are professionals. We eventually decided to choose classic white limousine with a private chauffeur that was accompanied by a wedding transportation assistant that was operating a drone above our limousine to capture even the moments spend in the traffic.

Our day went perfectly; everything was up to the plan. They surprised us with a bottle of complimentary champagne that was served on the perfect temperature. The interior was super clean, everything was so fresh and the car was super polished. We gave them a list of our favorite songs on the second meeting and totally forgot about that but as soon as we sat in the limo they played our songs! What a surprise!

We have nothing but compliments for this company as they provide a high level of service and they are super professional. Pricing is also great, even though we didn’t spare any money for our wedding day as we wanted everything to be perfect. Oh, I almost forgot that one of my bridesmaids accidentally dropped her phone in the limousine on the way back home and they gave me a call in the morning and delivered it to her. My advice for all the future newlyweds in Indiana-choose Classic Touch Limousines! You won’t regret that’s for sure!

I just wanted to thank Susan, who was our wedding transportation coordinator! You are absolutely the best!